Precision meets performance in our new line of premium tri-metal CNC machined putters , delivering the most advance forward CG placement of any putter on the market.

Why Justin Rose switched to Axis1

Since switching to Axis1 in 2019, Rose has picked up 54.659 Strokes Gained Putting in the Major Championships.Rose also has broken career highs on the PGA Tour in Strokes Gained Putting (17), Total Putting (13th), Putting Average (5th), Overall Putting Average (3rd), One-Putt Pct (3rd) and 3-Putt Avoidance (8th), to name a few. Learn more about how Axis1 has helped Justin and other tour players top their putting stats and achieve their personal bests.

Axis1 vs. Other Putters

Inventor Luis Pedraza Explains Axis1 Technology

The Axis1 Difference

Perfect balance
Putter remains square at address and travels perpendicular to your swing path.
Putter will not twist open at address or windshield wipe open throughout your swing, nor will it twist upon hitting the ball.
Patented technology
For the very first time, our patented heel counterweight places the center of gravity in the center of the striking face and in line with the axis of the shaft.
3rd major putter innovation
Following the evolutions of perimeter weighting and alignment features on putters comes Axis1’s revolutionary Perfect Balance/ Torque Free Technology.

In the news


Major Momentum- Wall to Wall Golf Magazine

No one has been better with a putter in their hands at the majors than Rose.

Axis1 TM-Elite (Tri-Metal)

Barnes would go on to finish T17: Jonathan Wall Golf Magazine


Axis1 vs LAB Golf

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I am now confident at the 8 to 10-foot putt, where I was apprehensive before. I will make about 60% of them now, where previously I would probably only make 25%. In short, your Axis Putter is the best investment in golf equipment I ever made.

Brian B. Torsney Sr
Golf Player

I have used Scotty Camerons, Bettinardi’s, Edel, Palombi, Piretti, C&L, Sunset Golf, Odyssey, Lajosi and others. I took a severe gamble on the Axis1 putter. My putting has improved considerably since using this putter. On putts inside 15 feet, I am as confident of making the putt as I am with a 3 footer! . This might be the best money I have ever spent on a golf club!

Preston Webster
Golf player

The Rose B is a great putter! Very stable, good looking, good quality, easy to align, good feel.

Mike, Wheeling, WV
Golf player

I just bought a Tour-HM. I have been messing around with that shape in other brands but always go back to my Rose model. The Tour-HM is the best of both worlds!

Adam, Atlanta, GA
Golf player