Major Momentum- Wall to Wall Golf Magazine

By Axis1 June 13, 2024

Justin Rose has been lethal with the putter at the majors over the last five years. At the PGA Championship, the former U.S. Open champion gained over 7 strokes on the field with an Axis1 Rose mallet. Since switching to the putter in 2019, Rose is a combined plus-63.912 in Strokes Gained: Putting at the majors.

The incredible run hasn’t resulted in a second major victory, but Rose admits it’s flipped the script on one of the weaker parts of his game. 

“It’s always interesting at the major level,” Rose told “I can’t quite attribute why the major level is different, but overall my [putting] stats have been way better since 2019, which was when I switched to the Axis1. [The putter] was one of the main reasons why I ended up moving in a different direction from TaylorMade. They still wanted a 14 club situation, but I felt strongly the putter and patents around the putter was something I wanted to take advantage of.”

At the time, Rose’s putter-only agreement was almost unheard of in an industry where staff deals have become the norm. Rose admits he gave up a healthy payday to ink the putter arrangement, but it was a calculated risk worth taking in the end. The numbers with the flatstick at the majors don’t lie.

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