Luis Pedraza

Axis1, LLC (Axis1) is an innovative putter company dedicated to developing the world’s most perfectly-balanced golf putters.

Axis1 was founded in 2006 by Luis Pedraza, an internationally-acclaimed industrial designer with over 40 patents and an avid golfer.Throughout his career, Mr. Pedraza has excelled in developing products with complex ergonomic requirements. He has applied his expertise in the fields of consumer electronics, computer equipment, sporting good and medical/scientific instrumentation.One product of which Mr. Pedraza is particularly proud of is his design of Spaceball, a 3-Dimensional computer mouse which was used to control the Mars Rover Expedition.

Mr. Pedraza has been awarded numerous design awards including BusinessWeek’s Design Excellence Award, the SMAU Design Award, the Apex Design Award, Appliance Manufacturing, and the Medical Design Excellence Awards. His work has appeared in many international publications and has been exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt and the Athenaeum Museum in Chicago.

Mr. Pedraza’s passion for the game of golf led him to explore ideas focusing on putting. After applying his expertise in user observation and ergonomics, Mr Pedraza recognized a critical flaw in contemporary putter design: that all major putters on the market today are actually out of balance. To read more about this incredible insight and Axis1’s patented solution to address this flaw, click on the Innovation tab.